Amy Horn on the Oregon Coast.

Amy Horn on the Oregon Coast.

About Amy Horn

Photography allows me to forget my fast paced life and capture the details surrounding me daily. My passion for photography started when I was young. Not because I had my own darkroom, but because I spent my summer babysitting money visiting family across the country and kept a camera in hand.

Flagstaff, AZ has been my home since 1993 and is a wonderful place to spend time outdoors with a camera. Teaching photography for Northern Arizona University and Friends of Arizona Highways combines my passion for travel, education and photography. I have been sharing my knowledge in software and photography related fields in both secondary and post-secondary levels since 1995 and I love going to work each day. My published work includes Arizona Highways Magazine, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve, Gold Prospectors Association Magazine, Flagstaff Arboretum, Mother Road Brewing Company and annual solo exhibits.

Specializing in event, product and detail photography, I enjoy every moment with my camera. My current projects include photographing liquids through drops, splashes and swirls stopping action and creating unique shapes with each photograph. Another of my current projects, “Senile Projectile” is about a Flagstaff machinist building a motorcycle engine and frame (from scratch) attempting to break an existing record at Bonneville’s 2015 Speed Week, which currently stands at 168.385 mph. Photographing Bonneville’s Speed Week annually allows me to capture the passion and mechanical artistry surrounding men and their magnificent vehicles. Thank you for viewing my work.