Splash of Spring

Photo composite, "splash of spring"

Splash of Spring

For the past 4 years, I have been capturing macro images of flowers, water, oil, and ice. Using my Nikon 105mm macro lens I capture liquid images with splashes, solids and mixtures of splashes and solids. But since March, I began a project on combining these images. Curiosity was the impetus of this new image title “Splash of Spring.”

This composite (combination of more than one image) began with a thought of “what if I combined a liquid drop with a flower?”  The daffodils in our yard had recently blossomed, so I cut one and photographed it from multiple angles. Then I started thinking about how to combine them. My original idea was to have the milk drop explode out of the top of the daffodil. I searched through my milk drop images and found one that had potential. And the image to the right was the disappointing result.

First unsuccessful composite of "splash of spring"

First composite

I went back to the drawing board by moving the drop until I found the perfect placement. I rotated and resized the drop until it was on top of the bottom petals of the daffodil. I had an exciting new plan.

This needed to be a clean composite, so I used masking techniques to remove the bottom petals of the daffodil. Then, I “cutout” the drop and drug the layer to the flower image placing my “drop” petals at the correct angle. I copied the original daffodil flower base and elongated it to fill in the base that was hidden by the original pedals. The last step was to add a hue/saturation colorized layer to the drop and match the yellow tones. Once all the layers were in position I added a few final touches: adding shadows to the newly formed daffodil flower base and I added an additional random drop. Overall, I had 30 minutes of photographing the flower and about two hours of Photoshop-ing to create my finished product.

In the next few months, I plan to complete a few more composites like “Splash of Spring” with flowers and drops and hope to have a full portfolio to show.

Beginning images for composite "splash of spring"

Beginning images for composite


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