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Sunday Stroll with an iPhone

Hipstamatic App processing

Hipstamatic App processing

Are you looking for an opportunity to take more photos? Then grab your camera or iPhone and take a walk. That’s what I did. Not long ago, I took to the streets of Flagstaff on a bright Sunday morning for a stroll to our weekly Farmer’s Market. Shopping for locally grown vegetables was my main focus, but I grabbed my iPhone for the trip as well. Whenever I use my iPhone I try to give myself a goal.

Today’s goal was to create images using the Hipstamatic app. I love the coloration Hipstamatic adds to photos mimicking analog cameras. Since I was shooting in full sun, this would be the best application to create interesting photos. And, if you get distracted with shopping and forget to use the Hipstamatic app; the free Snapseed app is a great substitution.

Nothing beats a Farmer’s Market when looking for something to photograph. The fresh vegetables, the flowers, even the local pets made the morning a fun photo shoot. And, I even came home with dinner. Just remember, you don’t need a grand trip to practice photography, just a Sunday stroll.

IMG_8732-c74.JPGIMG_8735-c89.JPGiPhone 2015-08-09 08-c71.35.33.JPGiPhone 2015-08-09 08-c89.35.06.JPG


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Bucket List

One item on my bucket list has been checked. I am so thankful that Arizona Highways Magazine chose my photo to run in the Sept 2015 issue advertising their photo contest. This is one bucket list item I would be happy to repeat! #ArizonaHighwaysMagazine #AmyHornPhotography #WatsonLake

Arizona Highways Magazine, Sept 2015

Arizona Highways Magazine, Sept 2015

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