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Photographing Liquids

I am so fortunate to have several weeks off for winter break and this year I made a very long list of photo projects to tackle. Not unlike my every day lists, I did not complete that tall order. However, since I am going back to work in a little over 48 hours, I thought I should take a look at what I did accomplish and select a few to post. The photos I spent the most time capturing included mixing liquids. So, here are a few of my “Favorite photos of Winter Break.”

Oil & Water 1






To capture an image like this, you need a clear dish elevated with something of color beneath it. I rested a clear 9×13 inch pan on two chairs and set up my tripod so that the camera was facing straight down. A single off camera flash lit a Christmas napkin placed below the clear dish creating this blend of colors. After swirling a little bit, I started taking my shots. In the photos below, I have two more versions of Oil & Water using different colors of paper or foil beneath.

Oil & Water 2 Oil & Water 3






The last set of images comes from mixing milk, dye and dish soap.  The dish soap reacts with the dye in a peculiar way in that the dye moves away from the dish soap. I saw a YouTube video of this reaction and gave it a try. After the dye did it’s trick, I slowly wove a stirring stick through the mixture to create strong lines. Using my CamRanger allowed me to tether wirelessly for these images.

Milk & Dye Milk & Dye 2






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