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Family Snow Photos with Tram Mai

Tram Mai and twins

Tram Mai and twins

Tram Mai family photo

Tram Mai, Steve Kraus







After a weekend full of holiday parties and winter weather, it felt great yesterday to drive out to Snowbowl Road in search of snow. The purpose of the drive was to help a colleague by photographing Tram Mai’s family in her annual snow photos. What an honor. This year Tram’s family grew by two; two beautiful 9-month old twins visiting the snow for the first time. Great conversation, energetic smiles and a photogenic family made this quick photo shoot an easy and enjoyable task. To capture fast family portraits with infants and pets requires portability. So, I used my on-camera flash, Nikon D600 and my Nikon 24-120mm lens. We drove to Aspen Corner on Snowbowl Road and found a wonderful patch of shade with snow covered trees as the backdrop. The flash provided great fill light for the family and left a small, sparkly catch light in their eyes. Post processing in Adobe Lightroom included minor adjustments to white balance, sharpening and a vignette. What a fun afternoon with an everyday family and the mother that we just happen to see on the news every day.

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