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Top Hat

c20-11_14 waves and splashes-2108 after.JPGc6-11_14 waves and splashes-2108 before.JPG
This water image reminded me of an upside down top hat – with a face in it. As you can tell, I cropped in tighter and removed a few unwanted water drops. Keep watching for photos of how I captured this image! I decided to mix this one up with a little food coloring but kept the settings simple: 1/200, f/16, ISO 250, off camera flash at 1/8 power.

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The Fight

11_14 waves and splashes-1971 fight.JPG11_14 waves and splashes-1971.JPG11_14 waves and splashes-2004.JPG
After another series of water splashes today, I composited two images together to create “The Fight.” I added a coat of Rain-X and wiped down the glass frequently, so, I had less to clean up in Photoshop.  Here are the before and after images in creating “The Fight.” A majority of the water drop clean up was completed using Lightroom, then the composite was created in Photoshop with final color toning using a preset from Nicolesy in Lightroom.

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Pouring water

Today, I photographed moving water. Little did I know how addicted I would become with pouring water into a clean 10 gallon fish tank. Every image was unique but when I saw this one, I knew it had potential. After sorting through over 50 photos, I chose to edit this one to demonstrate a before and after scenario. The before image gives you a little insight into the post-processing I endured. My processing started and ended in Lightroom (cropping, toning, sharpening, exposure adjustments) until I needed to clean up the water spots from the inside of the glass. Then I turned to Photoshop. What did I learn? Tomorrow, I will apply Rain-X to the inside of the tank to save me precious time editing and adjust the flash to cover the entire pour area. 1/200 sec, f/16, 400 ISO, wireless flash at 1/8 power. To see more, follow my blog on or like my Facebook page (Horndesigns Photography).

Pouring Water

Pouring Water after

pouring water

Before post-processing

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