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Capturing Motion Workshop

Let me begin by saying this was a fun day. We had an energetic group of 20 photographers from the Flagstaff and Sedona Camera clubs that were willing to stretch their photography beyond landscapes to capture the motion of dancers.

As part of Sedona Photofest, I was asked to teach a workshop on capturing motion. We met at the Sedona Arts Center and spent the morning practicing the use of shutter speeds to capture motion. I brought in spinning tops and hot wheel cars for a hands-on experience. The participants evaluated the low light scenario and varied their shutter speeds to capture the motion. Using fast shutter speeds to stop action and panning with slower shutter speeds. Then we added flash units to see how that light would impact our moving subjects. Throughout the morning session we watched short ballet clips so that we could learn to predict the dancers movements.

After returning from lunch, our afternoon was dedicated to capturing motion of the dancers. Varying shutter speeds, flash and ISO settings the participants had fun. For variety, I set up portrait lights and a backdrop for posed portraits. Then, I gave them three days to process their images and send them to me. Here is a short video of our day capturing motion using participant photos and video clips. Enjoy.

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